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Glasgow Book Launch 13th October

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Words cannot express how brilliant our Glasgow Book Launch went. Catching the train within three minutes of its departure time accelerated my adrenalin! My publisher Lucy George and her assistant Ruby were amazed I got from Soho to Euston Station in minutes.

It was lovely to be picked up at the other end - Glasgow Central Station, by my dear friend Stuart McAlpine Miller. His hospitality was beyond kind and welcoming and staying in the West End of Glasgow was a pure treat. Champagne and Oysters is just what a lady needs after a five hour train journey!

Dawn Izatt was an amazing host. We were so lucky to be given Time, Event, Space as our venue. The staff were so welcoming too. The place looked magical when I arrived. Thanks a million Dawn. Time, Event, Space is situated on Maxwell Street right on the edge of the Clyde river. It is the perfect venue for live bands, dj's, comedy and spoken word. It definitely has a certain edge to it. As a performance space I love it. Doors opened at 7pm and so the night begun.

Lovely Ruby was the perfect assistant and did very well on selling ours and other artists books. The show kicked off at 8.30pm and we were delighted to have Lucy George from Wordville Press open our launch. We were then blown away to have Dawn read a poem - total surprise! First up was Lesley O'Brien accompanied by Barney and Jeremiah. Her voice and words are exquisite and every hair went up in the room. Next up the literary wizard himself Frank Rafferty took the stage. Accompanied by Willy Copeland they tour the roof off. I've seen Frank a few times but this was off the richter scale. Our books started flying out even more.

Next up was the funny and extremely talented Doctur Normul. Acoustic guitar and sweet yet powerful voice she wooed the crowd. Special guest of the evening who rocked up last minute was the power house of words and rap Mark McGhee/Giro Babies. Like a rocket he launched into his set and the audience were ecstatic. Closing the show and the genius behind the book 'Minerva' (also published by Wordville Press) was Jo D'arc. This modern day musical goddess is a music genius. Each word gently kissed the audience and the whole venue was up and dancing.

As MC I had the time of my life. I must also add it has been my dream to perform in Glasgow - bang my dream came true. As the old saying goes "If you can make a Glasgow crowd laugh you can make the world laugh" and that's exactly what I did! With renditions of old Scottish music hall and some tongue in cheek improv they lapped it up. Everybody shined on the night and it's a night that will go down in history for Celine's Salon and Wordville Press. Love you Glasgow and your people X

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